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Eee   Tee   Digital   Design   Limited   was   incorporated   in   1980   as   an   electronic   design   shop.   In   2011   we purchased   our   first   3D   desktop   modeler   system   for   in-house   use.   Now   we   are   expanding   into   the 3D   production   and   prototyping   business   with   the   addition   of   our   new   Fortus   450mc   FDM   printer. Our   operators   are   trained   by   the   Stratasys   Canadian   distributor   to   use   the   Configurable   Build Process   which   allows   us   to   edit   the   printers   parameters   to   control   the   look,   strength   and   precision of   the   parts.   The   ability   to   print   in   twelve   different   materials   gives   us   the   advantage   to   tackle   almost any   print   job.   We   are   capable   of   printing   for   medical,   food-contact,   bio-compatible,   aerospace   and automotive applications. Since   purchasing   the   machine   in   April   of   2016   we   have   had   the   opportunity   to   finely   hone   our   skills working   with   all   of   the   materials.   Printing   with   these   High   Performance   materials   requires   an advanced   knowledge   of   the   printer,   the   software      and   the   materials.   This   knowledge   can   only   be learned from experience (graduate of the school of hard knocks). We   edit   the   print   files   to   correct   errors   that   can   occur   in   the   translation   of   the   STL   file.   After   this important   step   we   edit   each   layer   to   ensure   that   the   contours   and   rasters   yield   the   highest   quality parts. There   are   many   informative   technical   articles   and   material   specifications   for   your   reference   on   the site. Feel free to contact us with any questions, we are here to serve you.