ABS-ESD7 Static Dissipative Material
Full name: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – static dissipative Colours: black Layer Thickness: 0.010 inch (0.254 mm), 0.007 inch (0.178 mm) Support Structure: Soluble Tensile Strength: 5,200 psi (36 MPa) Tensile Elongation: 3.0% Flexural Stress: 8,800 psi (61 MPa) IZOD Impact, notched: 2.1 ft-lb/in (111 J/m) Heat Deflection: 204°F (96°C)
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ABS-ESD7   is   an   ABS   thermoplastic   with   static   dissipative   properties   for   applications   where   a   static charge   can   damage   products,   impair   their   performance   or   cause   an   explosion.   Ideal   for   electronic products   with   circuit   boards   and   for   the   transportation   and   industrial   equipment   industries.   Most widely   used   to   create   jigs   and   fixtures   for   the   assembly   of   electronic   components,   but   it   is   also useful   for   building   functional   prototypes   of   fuel   storage   and   delivery   products,   as   well   as   cases, enclosures and packaging
Material Benefits
Material Properties
Static dissipative with target surface resistance of 107 ohms (typical range 109 – 106 ohms). Makes great assembly tools for electronic and static sensitive products. Widely used for functional prototypes of cases, enclosures and packaging. Prevents a buildup of static electricity, so it will not  produce a static shock or cause other materials like powders, dust and fine particles to stick to it.
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