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Materials Selection and Information Guide
ULTEM 9085  Flame Retardant High Performance Thermoplastic
ULTEM 1010  High Heat Defection High Performance Thermoplastic
PC-ISO  Biocompatable High Strength Industrial Thermoplastic
PC-ABS  High Impact Engineering Thermoplastic
PC  Strong Industrial Thermoplastic
Nylon 12  High Fatigue Resistant High Performance Thermoplastic
Nylon 12CF  Carbon Fiber Filled Structural Thermoplastic
ASA  U.V. Stable Production Grade Thermoplastic
ABS-ESD7  Static Dissipative Thermoplastic
ABS-M30i  Biocompatable Sterilizable Thermoplastic
ABS -M30 6 Colour Standard Production Thermoplastic
ST-130  Sacrificial Tool Thermoplastic