Nylon 12 High Performance Material
Colour: black Support Structure: BASS/Soluble Tensile Strength: 7,000 psi (48 MPa) Tensile Elongation: 30% Flexural Stress: 10,000 psi (69 MPa) IZOD Impact, notched: 3.74 (200 J/m) Heat Deflection: 180˚ F (82˚C)
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FDM   Nylon   12   is   the   same   tough   nylon   material   popular   in   traditional   manufacturing   for   its   superb price-performance.   You   can   create   advanced   prototypes   and   custom   tooling   for   applications   that demand   high   fatigue   resistance,   repetitive   snap   fits,   strong   chemical   resistance,   and   press   (friction)   fit inserts.   Nylon   12   parts   built   on   a   Fortus   3D   Production   System   are   the   toughest   in   the   industry, exhibiting   100-300   percent   better   elongation   at   break   and   superior   fatigue   resistance   over   any   other additive manufacturing technology.
Unparalleled     toughness     and     a     simple,     clean process   —   free   of   powders.   Nylon   offers   the   best Z-axis   lamination   and   highest   impact   strength   of any    FDM    thermoplastic,    as    well    as    excellent chemical    resistance.    Designed    for    tooling,    jigs and    fixtures    to    covers,    panels    and    vibration resistant       components.       Primarily       used       in aerospace,     automotive     and     consumer     goods industries.   Makes   durable   prototypes   for   snap-fit panels and impact-protective components.
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