ST-130 Sacrificial tooling material
Build    complex,    hollow    composite    parts    faster    with    ST-130    model    material,    ST-130_S    support material and optimized tips. ST-130   simplifies   the   production   of   hollow   composite   parts.   Complex   tools   can   be   3D   printed   and easily   dissolved   after   curing,   eliminating   secondary   processes   like   mold   making,   while   accelerating your    composite    lay-up    work.    Engineered    and    tested    specifically    for    sacrificial    tooling,    ST-130 withstands   the   heat   and   pressure   of   autoclave   curing.   And   it   3D   prints   with   a   permeable   triangle   fill pattern   to   cut   build   time,   conserve   material,   and   dissolve   quickly.   ST-130   model   material   and   ST- 130_S support material work with Fortus 450mc and Fortus 900mc.
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