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ULTEM 1010 High Performance Material
ULTEM 1010 resin is the newest high-performance FDM® thermoplastic, offering excellent strength and thermal stability and the ability to withstand steam autoclaving. With food-contact and bio-compatibility certifications, ULTEM 1010 resin is perfect for specialized applications including food- production tools and custom medical devices. ULTEM 1010 resin offers the highest heat resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength of any FDM thermoplastic and is ideal for an out-of-cabin aerospace applications and under-the-hood automotive applications.
Material Benefits Heat resistance, chemical resistance and high tensile strength. It is the only FDM material with an NSF 51 food-contact certification. Biocompatible with an ISO 10993/USP Class VI certification.  
Material Properties Full Name: polyetherimide Colours: Natural Layer Thickness: 0.013 inch (0.330 mm), and 0.010 inch (0.254 mm) Support Structure: BASS Tensile Strength: XZ 11,735 psi, ZX 4,209 psi (81 MPa & 29 MPa) Tensile Elongation: XZ 3.3%, ZX 1.3% Flexural Stress: XZ 20,835 psi, ZX 11,184 psi (144 MPa & 77 MPa) IZOD Impact, notched: XZ 0.8 ft-lb/in, ZX 0.4 ft-lb/in (41 J/m & 24 J/m) Heat Deflection: 421°F (216°C)
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