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Thank you for visiting our site! Eee   Tee   Digital   Design   specializes   in   Industrial   3D   Printing   using   FDM   High   Performance   Materials. Our   Fortus   450mc   Plus   Industrial   Printer   is   licensed   for   12   materials   including   Ultem   1010 ,    Ultem 9085     and    Nylon    12CF    Carbon    Fiber.    See    our    materials    page    for    the    compete    list    along    with      information sheets and specifications. We   print   Tools,   Jigs,   Fixtures,   Cases   and   End   Use   Parts   with   a   selection   of   materials   to   suit   any application.   Our   Ultem   and   Nylon   12CF   materials   are   quickly   replacing   expensive   machined   metal tooling   for   Metal   Forming   and   Stamping.   We   also   provide   tooling for Blow Molding and Injection Molding applications.
Fortus 450 mc Plus
Large   16”   X   14”   X16”   Build   Envelope   with   dual   canister   model and support bays for large parts and short production runs. Parts   are   produced   with   an   accuracy   of   +/-   .005   (.127mm)   in/in Z axis and +/- .0015 (.038 mm) in/in X and Y axis. Twelve   different   materials   in   layer   thicknesses   from   .005”   to .013” (.127 mm to .330 mm). Industries   include   Aerospace,   Medical,   Pharmaceutical,   Food, Automotive and Engineering Design. Be   sure   to   check   our   technical   page   for   links   to   an   assortment of informative videos and how to papers.
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